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    Moving up from GoDaddy

    Hey everyone!

    So I am just your normal everyday web developer. I build websites for small businesses in my area. All have been hosted with Godaddy under $20/month plans except one.

    When it comes to hosting I know slightly more than next to nothing. It has always been one of those things thats way to confusing for me. 1000's of providers. Millions of options. Literately.

    Thats why I am posting to the more educated than myself :-)

    One of my clients is growing. They want me to build two new sites for them. First, a tube site (think NSFW youtube). Secondly, a live streaming webcam site (think chatroulette/chaturbate).

    Building the sites will be a challenge. Especially the webcam site. But I can handle that. Got some great developers I work with on elance who can assist.

    But the hosting infrastructure of this... wooo am I over my head here. I have no clue where to begin.

    Like I said I have always used Godaddy. This same client though has a different site hosted with certified hosting (CH). They wanted to use them as they needed a lot of storage.

    That server works great but I don't know if I should recommend CH for these other two sites.

    What we need is low cost and speed and support.

    After all the searching around I have done Amazon web services seems to be the ultimate low cost scalable solution. But... it is confusing as all hell to me. Plus the bandwidth is a bit expensive it appears.

    My issue is I don't even know what to recommend to the client. How do I tell if the hosting company will be able to handle the speed they want. Ugh so many questions!

    Any help/suggestions/advice... anything would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great day!

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    what location do you want?
    there are crocweb in canada, hawkhost in us and ezpzhosting in uk. all of them have good reputation

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    Re: Moving up from GoDaddy

    Hi, it could be worth taking a look into a VPS or dedicated server which would give the two sites full access to their own resources which would improve the response times of the sites. If you're going to be streaming hundreds of videos at a time it'll put pressure on a shared servers load and reduce the speed.

    Also you have to think about what resources other sites on the server will be using too.

    Have a chat with the providers the previous poster suggested, they're known for hosting simmilar sites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuguhost View Post
    what location do you want?
    there are crocweb in canada, hawkhost in us and ezpzhosting in uk. all of them have good reputation

    likely north america.

    from my lack of expertise i must ask, why does it matter?

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    Amazon Web Services.... for the video streaming we would likely be using the Amazon CloudFront service right?

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    Hi i am new here and just wanted to ask is godaddy a good company to go with i see mixed reviews over the net

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    Welcome to WHT

    You're best off starting your own thread to ask a question like that, rather than taking this more specific thread onto a different course.

    That said, you'll find a lot of answers to that by searching this forum. The link I've just given you returns all the threads from the WHT main forums (i.e., not including the advertising section) that have GoDaddy in the thread title. Some, like this thread, will be on other topics to do with GoDaddy. But some will be genuine reviews or implicit reports on how GoDaddy have been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumaonpark View Post
    likely north america.

    from my lack of expertise i must ask, why does it matter?
    It does matter. Nowadays intercontinental connectivity with satelites and underwater cables provides blazing speeds. BUT hosting your websites close to your audience is always better, you reduce access times, number of hops to the webhost and etc.
    Generally your websites would be faster for your end users.

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    Regarding your initial query, I don't know what's Amazon's position on adult material hosted on their servers. That could be an issue. I also suspect the webcam site will also be adult one, so you need to make sure about that before moving on with your webhost.
    But generally you might be better off to look for a VPS from a reputable host from WHT.
    On a VPS you know you will have enough resources to stream videos.
    VPSs however usually have traffic limits, so that could be an issue for a video streaming site. In any case you can start with a small VPS and upgrade when the sites grow up.

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    I don't think he needs a dedicated server yet. It is great he is graduating from the overratedness but no need for a dedicated server when a VPS is the next step up he should be taking.
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    i will recommend a dedicated server if your client is really growing else a vps with 2GB ram is minimum
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    Uhm..."chaturbate" :/

    I suppose the video quality will matter a lot for a site with a name like that. I am not sure if a VPS can handle that kind of load...erm...I mean traffic! No seriously, I think a dedicated server should be the way to go. There are many good companies that offer dedicated at reasonable costs. Hunt around on the forums for those that are more reputable and one important thing: location of the server does matter for SEO purposes. Matt Cutts has confirmed a few times that Google determines the location of a business by that of the server on which it is hosted. For those that don't know, Google have now implemented, since over a year, regional search results. While all sites remain eligible for listing to any user, Google will give preference to sites located (ie hosted) in the same country as the person who performed the search.
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    I would check the offers section here, you will find some good companies.

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    I would recommend a dedicated server. If you can't do that ramnode vps as an alternative option.

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    Location does matter. Simply because if your going to host in within your location then chances on fast and reliable is big. You might really consider a VPS for your clients.

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    with cloudflare location is becoming less important.

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    I got to say I had mixed experiences with Cloudflare. It seems to accelerate very slow hosts but also to slow down very fast ones.

    Also, it looks like Pingdom always gives a much better result than reality for Cloudflare powered sites. I am not saying this as an attack against them. I do use Cf for my smaller sites hosted on super cheap (and slow) hosts and I am grateful that they exist.

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    As has already been mentioned by other members, you will probably be better off with a VPS with 2GB of RAM and larger, or a dedicated server.

    Many VPS companies (as well as dedicated server companies) have test pages. What this does is allow you to download a file from their server to see how fast it downloads in your location. This is important because if the server is in Japan and you are in in New York, the speed of that download would be incredibly slow.

    AWS is expensive for what it is. There are better options out there.

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