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    Virtualization Server

    Dear Guys,

    I am looking for a dedicated server that can contain multiple virtual machines for easy backup and restore.
    iWeb is providing a server that will provide Virtulization host using VMWare or HyperV. (As a new member system is not allowing me to paste URL here, however you can go to iWeb and check their virualization in dedicated server section).

    I am looking for some other companies who are providing the same package because iWeb is too unreliable. For now, I have a dedicated box with them for which I am paying them nearly 200$ a month and that server crashed two times in last week.

    And because server is dedicated and iWeb support is very poor it took me more then 24 hours each time to restore / reconfigure the machine.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Got a chance to check offers section?

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    You could take a look at IOFLood, I remember their site used to target people looking for servers for virtualization.

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    IOFLood is good
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