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    Reseller Windows Plesk - Account Migration Help

    Windows Plesk expert advice needed here, Please.

    Hi, I asked my Windows Reseller (Plesk) provider to help me to migrate an account from another host for a new client but the answer was we don't do this! Kindly any Plesk reseller or provider answer me if this is normal ? I know migrating Windows account (with MSSQL dbs) is not an easy task such as cPanel because no full backup in Plesk but there must be some things the support could do it much faster than a simple reseller.

    I need to know if Plesk for Windows doing automatic migrate to another company server using the end-user control panel username and password only, Or they need higher level user to do the migration by the server software, Or Plesk doesn't offer migrating utility.

    Some one with Plesk expertise please give me an advice here, Thanks.
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    So you're looking for an automated or easier method than backing up all the files and exporting the MSSQL DB? At old employer (a university) we used PLESK for Windows but the built in migration tool was more trouble than it was worth, was unreliable and often required manual re-importation of the DB. That was a year ago and mind you the tools could have improved.

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    There is no auto way to export the MSSQL database, I can't see any thing in the source server about MSSQL may be they want me to use SQL Enterprise which I don't have and don't know much about it.

    Is there any thing in the Plesk or additional software to make full backup that can be sent to the target server ?

    BTW backing up files doesn't export all hosting account information such as emails account and statistics, I'm shocked to know that Plesk doesn't offer it's own clients (Plesk server to Plesk server) migration tools.
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