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    need License to Build and or selling web space..

    Web Site Build and or selling web space need License ?
    Someone told me that you have to have a License to Build and or selling web space under Texas Law... ?
    Dose anyone know about this..


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    I doubt that is the case . Maybe you need a license once your hosting grows, but from the start... Naa.

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    I wish that was the case. Make sure folks who are running 'businesses' are license and trained to properly handle data and provide service. But no. Any Joe Schmo or 15 year old teenager and enter this industry.
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    Technically you may need a Business License if you are selling/reselling services technically under any state, Technically to have a garage sell in most states requires you to get a sellers permit from the state and collect taxes.

    But if your just don't some small odd jobs kind of thing, then odds are they don't really care and won't look at you, because the cost of enforcing the law on you would be at a loss to state/local government.

    Consult your local chamber of commerce if your unsure and they'll set you on the right track.
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