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    ProxMox Cluster setup & management

    hello i am looking for a support company or a skilled administrator(that i can reach in case of emergency) for setup proxmox and cluster management.

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    Rack911 is very experienced with proxmox, and its underlying technologies.
    You can request a quote here:
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    Fully Managed Dedicated Servers (Las Vegas, New York City, & Amsterdam) (AS62710)
    FreeBSD & Linux Server Management, Security Auditing, Server Optimization, PCI Compliance

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    ok i just did, have a look and let me know asap please , thank you

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    i am still looking for a solution , thanks

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    You are welcome!

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    We'd be happy to take on the management of this for you.

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    Hello, we at can help you with this request. Please request an offer from our website.
    NixDevs :
    { We maintain, optimize, secure your Linux Servers so you can focus on your own work }

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    We've configured and run multiple ProxMox Clusters and there are some very important things to take into consideration on how this is setup. ProxMox is amazing but it does have some "quirks". Shoot me a pm and I would love to discuss this in more detail.
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