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Thread: server books?

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    server books?


    I have been a web host for a few years now, Using reseller or vps.

    I want to look in to using my own servers. Now i will start with a server in a local data centre as a test for 6 months learn what i need to know and they start moving a few clients over so i can have my reseller account and my own server for selling hosting, vps and reseller accounts and so on.

    i am a computer technician and understand what i need to know to repair windows based machines but when it comes to linux which i have used here and there i dont know much about it. Not to be able to run my own server for sure.

    Are there any books out there or sites which i use to learn how to start setting a server up with Apache, and then learn to install and configure php, mysql and so on. or should i just sit on youtube and forums to do this?

    I will be buying a server next week and my local data centre are going to charge me £30 a month to keep it in there for now.

    Thanks for any help in advanced.

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    Pro Linux System Administration
    It's available in pdf. Should be worth reading it

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