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    Smile Java app & Tomcat setup

    I have a Java webapp powered by Tomcat7 that I need moved to a new VPS, current hosting is provided by

    I'm looking for someone that can transfer/setup the webapp and the related MySQL database to the new VPS, so it's completely operational.

    Openshift does not allow ssh access via password, as such I will provide you with a certificate you can use for access.
    The VPS is a fresh install of CentOS and allows for password authentication, which will be provided. The MySQL database will be hosted locally on the VPS.

    Please include a price and an estimated time til completion with your reply.
    Payment is made via PayPal.
    Note that my opinions are my own, in no way do they represent the company I work for

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    Contact me I can do it
    my skype ID : ashishamre2008
    Gtalk : ashishamre2008[at]gmail[dot]com

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    Hi, we can do this for you. Contact us @

    We do a lot of Java hosting. We will need more information on your Java setup.

    This is currently estimated at 2 hours of work @ $50/hour = $100.

    It will take a day or 2 at most to complete.
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    We can help you.

    Please check PM..Thanks - the name says it all!
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    Did you manually install the webapp or use a auto-installer ?
    You can simply import the installation in some cases.

    Check PM
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    If the requirement is still available i can do this for you. Please add me on skype to discuss: trumanorson
    I can do this in one day.

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