21U premium colocation + 1Gbps unmetered: 599,-
  • Power: 16Amp per rack. (non-break, Tier2 power)
  • Maximum average power usage per rack: 16 Amps (230 volts).
  • Free 9 port 16Amp PDU with private power break in every rack.
  • Power: 0,17 EUR / kWh (with ups + battery power + diesel generator).
  • Free 1000Mbps (unmetered) real usage on a Cisco core-switch port with redundant uplinks!
  • 5 free remote hands a month!
  • Free announcing of your PI or own ip's or your ASN

Now only 599,- p/m
First 3 months 50% discount, no setup.

Premium quality colocation
This colocation sale is offered in our 2nd server room: http://serverius.com/huisstijl

Rack-and-stack installation service
Free rack-and-stack installation service! Sent your server with UPS/FedEx/DHL and we put it online for free. More info on https://data.serverius.eu/knowledgeb...yarticle&id=16 It's free from start up to the end of the contract.

Premium network connectivity
Traffic is offered by our own redundant Cisco network. It's a total of more than 100Gbps capacity with a honest mix of AMS-IX + NL-IX + OpenPeering + GTT/Tinet + Tata + Hibernia (Atrato) + Cogent + Hurricane + NDIX + some others (all based on best route win). Example: http://bgp.he.net/AS50673

You prefer extra transit to build your own network?
At our carrier-neutral datacenter you have access to multiple in-house carriers, ISP's and Internet exchanges: http://www.serverius.com/services/ca...dam-datacenter. If you like to build your own network, all crucial peering and transit providers like AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, and more are available.

IP addresses
By default a free private ipv4 subnet added but if you need more, you can buy more private subnets. /48 ipv6 is free monthly charge. If you like, we can announce you own PI space or ASN number. The data traffic can also be used as L3 traffic.

Personal client panel
Every client ave access to his own client panel with real-time uplink statistics: bandwidth + PPS + errors, real-time ipv4 and ipv6 rDNS, graphical racking tool, invoice archive, support tickets, Remote Hands requests, Remote Hands archive, and more...

  • Free redundant uplinks! You get a 1x1Gbps uplink from router A and 1x1Gbps uplink from router B. This redundant port config will work with any (simple) switch.
  • Free rack-and-stack, monthly remote hands, free technical support.
  • Speedtest: http://speedtest.serverius.com
  • Smokeping: http://smokeping.serverius.eu
  • Payment options: bank, CC or Paypal.
  • Client panel with real time power usage, data traffic statistics, reverse dns for ipv4 and ipv6, graphic racking tool to manage you hardware, request remote hands, requests support and more.
  • If desired, our certified Cisco and Juniper engineers assist you with setting up your own hardware.
  • A professional team of engineers is 24/7 is at your service!
  • Serverius owns the datacenter, no reselling! We only offer colocation and network services, no competitive hosting services. So your clients are safe.
  • We only offer colocation and network services, no competitive hosting services like you offer yourself.

Prices are excluding 21% VAT (companies outside the European Union or companies within the European Union who provide there company name + vat number do both not pay VAT). This sales is valid until the end off the month.

Our website: http://serverius.com
Request a free .pdf quote: [email protected]

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our sales department [email protected] or call us at +31 (0)88 7378374 or add us at Skype: serverius.bv Please come and visit us yourself. You are welcome!