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    Buy bitcoins with PayPal?

    I am looking for a known, reliable company which sell bitcoins with PayPal acccount.
    Google find me tons of companies but i want to hear your recommendations.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    I can't see that happening, the fraud potential is far too great.

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    Indeed, unlikely you're going to find this. I think there's some services that can let you use a credit/debit card, but that's after some upfront verification.

    Coinbase is a popular service, but even then, you'll need to tie a real bank account.

    I believe PayPal has actually banned the use of their service for buying/selling bitcoins, so even if you did find that specifically it would be against their policy.

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    Because of PayPal refund policy, I guess that is hard to find.
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    I can link a credit card but I'll prefer that I'll be charged from my PayPal account.

    So there is nothing "safe" to use?

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    Fire up an IRC client (mIRC for Windows, xchat is what I use for Linux).

    Go to Freenode IRC network (/server

    Join #bitcoin and #bitcoin-otc channels. Talk to some people and make sure they're authenticated to the bot and have a good reputation before you do trades.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeBest View Post
    I can link a credit card but I'll prefer that I'll be charged from my PayPal account.

    So there is nothing "safe" to use?
    No one is going to sell you Bitcoins with PayPal that doesn't want to take a risk of not getting a chargeback. Because then you'd have the Bitcoins after doing a chargeback.

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    Nope !

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    OK I got it...

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