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  1. Request Suggestion Honestly About Hosting Performance

    Hello to all.
    I'm creating this topic because I need an honest opinion about performance.
    I want to build a business to host magento and wordpress but with the difference of a web performance superior to what we see out there.

    Have tested all that is left panel and some good printing, such as Vesta's. But what I want is not enough. I've used the shared plans Crocweb with Litespeed, and really are good, but I want something more.

    I wanted something like centminmod "yes this made ​​me happy" as though the control panel, there is something on the market?

    I apologize for my bad English.

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    Magento need to be hosted on a VPS or Dedicated Server as requires a lot of resources to run.
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    If a shared plan is not enough performance for your site then your next step up is going to be VPS or dedicated. However, these options will likely be more expensive than a shared plan.

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    if you dont statisfied with shared hosting, buy managed vps

  5. thank you guys, i know, actually, I want to provide services for magento wordpress with high performance. I have magento running on digital ocean over Vestacp but as I tried to explain, I want something really different than found so far, what more if it was sunk:
    Managed Magento Varnish Entry Dedicated Server
    UNIXy has developed technology based on Varnish ESI that will make your Magento store page load (TTFB) drop to mili seconds .

    looks very good

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