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    Cloud Servers in Portugal - PTisp

    PTisp cloud servers are based in a fully redundant cloud platform and starts at 15€ per month.

    Our hypervisors use Dual Intel Xeon E5-26* CPU, 128GB+ RAM and Dual 10GbE ports. Our storage is based in EMC vnx5300 with 15k SAS drives in RAID 10. Connection from hypervisors to SANs uses 10GbE multi path. In case of failure your VM will be migrated to another hypervisor. Auto-Scaling is also available free of charge.

    You can customize your cloud server using our configurator.


    We provide dozens of templates, Linux and Windows.

    Control panel:

    cPanel ( Partner NOC )
    Plesk ( Parallels Partner )


    We accept Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.


    We will migrate your current dedicated server or services for free. For more details contact us.

    Contact us:

    Email: [email protected]
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