★★★ Who Are We? ★★★

Licensecart was founded on the 20th June 2013 to provide our customers the best licenses and support we can offer, Licensecart is and always will be dedicated to Blesta and Phillips Data Inc. This is one of many services we offer to Blesta customers, and Licensecart is part of CubicWebs.

★★★ A bit about Blesta ★★★
Content from our website.

Unlike it's competitors Blesta puts security and it's customers first, they put themselves in your shoes and develop what you need and not what they want. Blesta is more than a billing system, you install what you need and customize it how you like with ease.

Why buy additional billing systems for your other companies? Just purchase the additional company license with Blesta and within minutes you can get it setup and looking completely different, and with the modules and plugins that company needs to run.

★★★ Licensecart Integrations ★★★

Well we've told you about us and Blesta, it's time to tell you about our Integration services. We have two packages for this service, the Standard Integration and the Advanced Integration.

Both are the same service however one is guaranteed to be completed in 48 hours and the other is in 24 hours. Every business in today's world needs a matching billing system, where the customer feels safe and they know that they are dealing with a trusted business.

★★★ Frequently asked questions... ★★★
We have listed the most popular questions we are asked by private messaging on the Blesta forums and by in our Sales Enquires department.

★★★ Do you integrate from Wordpress to Blesta? ★★★
Sorry we don't at the moment, we are looking into that more as it's a bit complex. When we've got the hang of that area we will be offering that service so keep checking the Blesta forums.

★★★ Do you do any other integrations? ★★★
No sorry, we specialize in integrating Blesta and that's why we offer this service to you and our customers.

★★★ How can I pay for your services? ★★★
We accept PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfers & Wire Transfers.

PayPal doesn't accept my country? Stripe accepts payments all over the world for the following card users: Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Even Gift cards for any of them)

★★★ My friend brought a Blesta license from you and got a discount can I?* ★★★
We do a 10% discount for our customers who have a Blesta license direct from us, however you will need to contact us directly after you've brought the license to claim a personal promotion code.

★★★ Integration Prices? ★★★

So we've got rid of the questions, let's tell you our prices for our services.

Standard Integration (48 Hours): $20.00

Advanced Integration (24 Hours): $40.00

★★★ Licensecart's Portfolio ★★★

So you want see our past work? Of course you do, take a look at our new site (Currently not released publicly due to Blesta v3 unbranded licenses prices haven't been confirmed yet).

http://licensecart.com/portfolio Click on the pictures to view them bigger and you can see them direct by clicking the link. We've not displayed a link to the free community theme we released due to it being on the community forums.

★★★ Ready to be our next customer? ★★★

Great news, please head over to our services page: http://licensecart.com/services and click the link under the package you wish to order. We can't wait to be working with you.

★★★ Any questions? ★★★

Still got a question feel free to contact me on the Blesta community forums (CubicWebs) we are active on there daily. Or feel free to submit a ticket to us.

* Not asked by a customer but added just in-case.