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    Panel with MS Access Database Supported

    Dear All,

    I plan to move my current hosting server with Helm panel to Enkompass, but today i just chat with cPanel tech about MS Access Database, seem the MS Access database are not supported on Enkompass, so i need an advice which are the best panel and its supported
    - Windows 2008
    - IIS7
    - MySQL
    - Ms Access
    - MySQL
    - Smartermail
    - PHP
    - ASP.NET 4.0 / 3.5 SP1 / 2.0 Hosting

    And of course supported with WHMCS

    Please advice. TQ

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    What kind of MS Access support do you need from the control panel?

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    Dear JTY,

    Seriously i have no idea about that, so far my client are using Helm and their able to create MS Access Database, same what i need on new Windows hosting panel, is there any way i can do if using Enkompass or i have to look on Plesk ?

    Please advice. TQ

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    Dear whrss,

    Thanks for advice, i was thing on that too, first its one of supported by WHMCS, but onething i'm very worry is security, normally when we look into Joomla Worpdress etc, its open source and those scripts are many ppl hack everyday, i understand that not because of their engines, but its been hacked because of community made of plugins, component etc. But how about Websitepanel?

    Thanks for advice.

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