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    * Outsourcing support

    For me, support is the most important factor to keep a client and then to attract others. Support is the key for succeeding or failing. But at the moment I can't afford having my own dedicated support team, so I was wondering any recommendations for top outsourced support companies? I only know and from they reviews they seem pretty good, I am also wondering are there other who could offer the same service quality or even better?

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    Its all depend on what exactly you may need. If you need a 24/7 team managing your ticketing system, yes outsource support should be fine. <<snipped>>
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    There are a lot of companies around the clock providing web hosting support. You can find them after a quick googling or you can find one using the job offer page of this forum. It is upto your need to select which support and at what level.

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    I was asking for user suggestions based on their experiences.
    I am a startup and I can't afford losing my customers by choosing wrong support company.

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    This is very tricky. There are tons of companies out there that offer this. I have no experience really, but I can make one tip --> make sure they can speak English!

    Seems simple enough, right? I have had friends outsource. The company swears they can communicate in English. Well they can, but it is very broken English and hacked together sentences. Looks terrible.

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