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Thread: Raid 10 or 6

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    Raid 10 or 6

    I am in the process of replacing a server> I am building the new server now. I have eight drives in the server. Two will be used specifically for something else. That leaves me with six drives.

    I have always used raid 10 in the past with four drives. Now I have six drives to work with. It looks like I can lose a drive and the server will still function until the drive is replaced in both a raid 10 and 6. So either raid will work for redundancy.

    Now the big question, which of the two raids will be best for speeds?

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    I think raid 6 is faster but i don't cross my fingers

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    RAID 6 stripes the data across the hard drives. It also calculates dual distributed parity, which Distributed gives one fault tolerance against 2 HDD failures. RAID 10 creates a striped set from subsets of mirrored HDD. If storage device fails, the RAID configuration allows all of the remaining drives to keep working. The array can suffer multiple HDD failures. A problem occurs when is a mirror set loses all HDD. RAID 6 provides more usable storage. In RAID 10 50% of HDD capacity is used to protect data.

    ... so I'd go for RAID 10
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    Re: Raid 10 or 6

    RAID 10 will be much faster, 6 only provides redundancy not speed.

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