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    Server, router, and accessing services from inside of company lan ?

    Server eth0 (static IP configuration for ISP)
    Ip 89.xx.xx.xx, Under domain:

    Server eth1 has been set to Ip

    Server eth0 got masquerade to pass Internet to eth1 to router.
    Router connected to eth1 has Ip
    Server eth0 pass connections on port 8081 to eth1 > router

    DHCP for lan computers has been set at begining to
    First computer in my internal lan has and it serve IIS on port 8081

    Router pass 8081 to

    I can access server under 8081 port (from outside) and access this computer, but now i need to configure /linux server?/ so it will allow accessing from inside of my company.

    I can't use host's file in Windows because it does not accept ports.

    How to solve it ?

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    1.Set the record in the hosts file to
    2.Configure your machine for virtual hosts.
    3.For the virtual host you setup for, create an html file that redirects to localhost:8081

    Seems to be a fair bit of work, but it would accomplish what you're asking.

    Another way could be using reverse proxy, like nginx -
    server {
    location / {

    Easier it will be if you have access to the application that listen on port 8081 and re-configure it to listen on 80 for a while.

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    Your solutions are bit far way around, v hosts solution is nice i didn't think of that - but still i would configure every computer on my lan that way, bit problematic. is it no possible to do it with lan way ?.

    olso i can't switch to 80 port, because my linux server has apache and that would block normal apache.

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    really no other way ?

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    Why are you double NAT'ing? Makes this very complicated when it doesn't need to be. Just hang everything off the router, and portforward the ports to the server you need off the router. No need to do double NAT.

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