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    Hello there,

    Recently Google has announced that they released their major updates "Hummingbird" and "Penguin 2.1 Algorithm" which is the caused of ranking fluctuation.How can i fix my keyword or phrases Ranking.
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    Regarding your point fix keyword ranking it is not possible because in keyword lot's of competition is available and Global wise and also local wise so that point of view this is not sure your keyword is fix in search engine.
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    I just talking about that sometime my keyword is ranking at good position and after sometime it is not in serp. generally, i want at some position.
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    In keyword there are lot's of competition is available Globally and locally, so this is not sure your keyword is fix in search engine.
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    Please verify that whether your content is unique or not to fix the problem
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    Google fluctuates the results. So, don't worry about it. My results also fluctuate. It is due to the high competition on keywords. It is a part of Google's process of ranking. Don't worry.
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