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    Source Code handover issue with Current Developer


    I have been getting some development work done for my company from a team in India for the last 3 months. Previously we had an inhouse team but this time around we wanted to try the offshore model as we have heard a lot of other companies doing that in a very efficient manner compared to before.

    Now the issue we are facing with this developer/company is that we did not specifically mention in the agreement that they will be sending us the source code. We assumed that is the general practice as why would we even get an project completed that we do not have the source code for. How in the world will we maintain that ourselves.

    Now they are asking for more money for the source code. And they are asking almost 50% of the cost of the project.

    What i need to know is that normal? Isnít source code already included in agreement by default?

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    I have been working with the team at and the model they work with works good as i basically hire a developer rather than get a project cost. So that way I am working directly with the dev all the time and have real time updates rather than communicating with other non technical people in sales and account as that was the case with the previous company which i was working with in India. Every day i have the source code updated to my server which i then have an automated process that takes a backup on another location which i only have access to. This keeps me secured in case i loose the developer or the company.

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    Hi diolt, thanks for rep. where does this company locate?

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    Your welcome. Well this company based on pakistan,

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    You may consider service to get the right developer for your jobs. You can review their reputation before granting them the work. Also, you can detail out the requirement your needs up front.

    So far, I find this work best for me.

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    Development Environment

    When it comes to off-shoring, it can be of any company, freelancer etc., a recommended factor is to offer them our development environment to carry out the project rather just having them develop with their environment. Usually this offers added benefits, we may actually see the progress of the project, have a total control over the offshore provider. If they tend to deviate from our expectations, there are chances we could turn them off the project at an immediate instance and we have all of the files pertaining to the project.

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