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    Looking for reseller hosting VPS

    Hi ,
    I am looking for a good reseller hosting linux , atleast 50gb - 100gb space.

    I have been looking in this forum , in offers sections but cant seem to decide which one is good.
    I dont want lot of downtime , most of the sites are business sites and dont receive lot of traffic.

    Which host would you recommend me.

    Budget under $25 per month.

    If i get ability to add ip address to each domain that would be great but not necessary

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    What is your price for reseller account?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walkout View Post
    Hi ,
    I am looking for a good reseller hosting linux
    Are you referring to a VPS provider, specifically offering services for resellers? If so, I'm quite happy with Ilait.

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    It'd be good if you use proper subject as you've mentioned Reseller Hosting VPS which doesn't make sense.

    Anyway, are you really going to use 50-100gb of space ? What about other things like Bandwidth, Databases, Location ?

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    Hi sorry for not being specific..
    I am new to reseller hosting.

    Yes , I would be using 50gb -100 gb space ,
    bandwidth - these are corporate sites so not a lot of bandwidth is required limited is okay by me.
    database needs to be mysql , would be able to host atleast 15-25 sites , so approx 25 databases.
    location - i would prefer us based server - but due to budget constraints i will am willing to reconsider if better configuration i am getting.

    My budget is $25 / month.

    ps: this is first time i am looking to setup reseller hosting for my self..and gathering as much info as possible.

    Way i get it is si got 2 options
    (1) Purchase fully managed reseller hosting from any good company - but most companies i find are having bad reviews on google - so not sure which one to choose from.
    my only concern is sites should not go down , as these sites wont get lot of traffic and consume too much bandwidth.

    (2) purchase a managed VPS or purchase vps and buy cpanel lisence and whm and set it up myself.

    Please suggest me - companies for option 1
    and for option 2 references links which i could read and proceed acordingly.

    Thanks in advance guys for your help.

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    Managed VPS with cPanel license definitely will more than $25/month. I will suggest to take out a reseller hosting first or try to look around those master reseller hosting which the package does come with billing system too.

    Besides that, try to analysis all the reviews from google on particular provider as few bad reviews on particular provider does not means the provider is bad.

    Good Luck.

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    As you stated you are new in this business, so for a start just go for reseller hosting as your current budget is well enough for reseller hosting but not for VPS.
    For reviews try to search for the reviews here on WHT, that will give you clear picture (if your selections do have some reviews here).
    Best of luck .....

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    I think you go for a reseller package. Your budget with respect to your requirements seems to be perfect. As far assistance is concerned, I am sure that your hosting provider will definitely provide it. I recommend you to go for a monthly plan first, check their services and then if you are satisfied, go for a yearly plan. Yes, basic reseller plan will also do, which can be priced somewhere less than $20 also. Just browse through them and have a word with them personally via chat or email before buying it.
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    I'd suggest you go with option 2, not just because I'm VPS provider.
    Since you already have quite number of accounts sooner or later you will need to move to higher level due to resources usage getting more and more.

    Of course, you need to increase your budget for managed services. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    oh you mean reseller provider or managed vps
    with your budget i recommend you to use crocweb if you dont mind to use canada server, for me $25 for a managed vps is too low budget

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    Reseller package would be cheaper for you an safer. You do not pay for server administration cos that included in the package, dedicated hosting is good if you have more then 20 customers, then you can extend you offer and rice prices.

    To avoid company with lot of downtime take server just for one month and connect it to monitoring service ex pingdom, after one month you actually know is it good service.

    We offer a reseller package from around 100 dol, but server are not located in USA, which would be better option for you.

    Try, they have cheap resellers and good quality.

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