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    * ServerSync, By AcuNett | Adding R1Soft to its fleet of Sync Servers

    October 10th, 2013: ServerSync by AcuNett specializes in server backup hosting and data protection. We use the highest quality hardware and connections to ensure the integrity of your data which we hope, ultimately, will one day save your company from a crisis.

    We are announcing the formal release of our new R1Soft CDP (Continuous Data Protection©) Backups to complement our fleet of ServerSync Backup Servers (FTP, RSYNC, rSnapShot, cpbackup and cpremote).

    We're ecstatic to offer the flexibility for our clients to manage their own raw backups (ServerSync Original), or let R1Soft take care of it all (ServerSync R1Soft). The following features will be available:

    ----- Block level backups reduce I/O
    ----- Backup as frequently as every 15 minutes
    ----- Fast disaster recovery using Bare-Metal Restore
    ----- Unlimited recovery points (up to your allotted space)
    ----- Scalable accounts - seamless space upgrades
    ----- Disk safe ensures backup data stays un-corrupted
    ----- AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption for data-protection
    ----- Intuitive web interface

    Please visit for more details and take advantage of our launch pricing.
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