Since 1998, Staminus continues to offer the best DDoS Mitigation in the industry. Take advantage of these amazing deals and experience why we are the #1 DDoS Mitigation Hosting Provider in the world.

All Servers come standard with:
- Free remote rebooting
- Free port monitoring
- Free operating system reinstalls
- Free general support
- Free (3 rules) custom firewalling at our router
- Reverse dns management/delegation via website
- Software raid1 available free of charge with 2 drive systems on CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu
- CentOS, Fedora, Gentoo Liveboot, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Windows Supported

SecurePort DDoS Protection Upgrades
- 1 Gbps up to 30+ Gbps packages available
- Call or email us about our SecurePort packages. We can build a custom quote for you.
- We protect small sites. We protect enterprise sites. We can protect your site from DDoS attacks.
- We stop all DDoS attacks
- 3 Patent Pending Technologies
- Contact us for more information.

To order, and for other configurations, please visit Maximum RAM on systems is 32GB.

1 Cloud Cores
40GB SecureStor Storage
2000GB BW
Linux or Windows
===> $20/month

2 Cloud Cores
60GB SecureStor Storage
4000GB BW
Linux or Windows
===> $40/month

2 Cloud Cores
120GB SecureStor Storage
8000GB BW
Linux or Windows
===> $80/month

4 Cloud Cores
240GB SecureStor Storage
16000GB BW
Linux or Windows
===> $160/month

8 Cloud Cores
480GB SecureStor Storage
24000GB BW
Linux or Windows
===> $320/month


We employ Xen Hypervisor technology via Citrix Xenserver to deliver enterprise grade cloud virtualization for every customer. Xen Hypervisor delivers full hardware virtualization for virtually every operating system.

Redundant Cloud Nodes
Your virtual slice resides on many servers. If one server were to go down, your slice gets automatically moved to another physical server.

10 Gbps Network
Internet connections need to be fast and storage connections need to be fast. The days of 1 Gbps networking are coming to an end. Staminus cloud nodes take advantage of 10 Gbps network technology. This allows us to deliver 1 Gbps network connectivity to your virtual machine!

Your virtual machines are not stored on local storage. Local storage on each cloud node contains XenServer and nothing else. All configuration and actual data are in cloud storage.

Your data resides on redundant high performance enterprise SAN hardware. Each SAN node can achieve thousands of I/O operations per second, far exceeding SATA, SAS, and even some SSDs! This is real performance that is delivered to your virtual machine.

** We do not use RAID10 local storage for our virtual machines. We use high performance enterprise redundant SAN!

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