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    Suspicious Traceroute

    I recently bought a VPS through PhotonVPS so I could setup a VPN to access Hulu and Netflix as I'm in Australia. It was working great and I was able to stream at 1080p without a problem. But then out of no where it suddenly went so slow that I couldn't load a simple page anymore.

    When I first did a speed test I was getting around 12MB/s which is what I should have been getting. But now I'm getting a lot slower

    [email protected]:~# speedtest
    Retrieving configuration...
    Retrieving server list...
    Testing from Psychz Networks...
    Selecting best server based on ping...
    Hosted by Sumner Communications (Wellington, KS) [88.77 km]: 21.299 ms
    Testing download speed........................................
    Download: 21.00 Mbit/s
    Testing upload speed..................................................
    Upload: 4.30 Mbit/s
    I could be wrong but if its getting the best server based on ping wouldnt it select the closest one? Also, is that 88.77km the distance between the servers? If so then something doesn't seem right since I know the distance between KS and LA isn't 88.77km.

    I decided to do a traceroute on my VPS IP and the last hop looks suspicious to me.

    Hop	(ms)	(ms)	(ms)		     IP Address	Host name
    1 	  0 	  0 	  0	   -  
    2 	  0 	  0 	  0  
    3 	  1 	  1 	  1  
    4 	  1 	  0 	  1  
    5 	  36 	  36 	  36  
    6 	  36 	  36 	  80  
    7 	  Timed out 	  Timed out 	  Timed out 	    	   -  
    8 	  36 	  36 	  36  
    9 	  36 	  36 	  36  
    Trace complete

    I don't own I've never seen that domain before. But it looks like the traffic is going to the Psychz network like it's meant to then somehow going to

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    Do you have a ticket number we can look at?
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    Is the IP ending in .42 (the last "questionable" hop) your VPS IP? If so, then you simply need to update it's rDNS entry. - Shared.Reseller.VPS.Dedi.Colo
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    Hey Jimmy, my ticket number is 570056

    @ironclad My IP ends in .78

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