TL;DR (What I'm Looking For)...
I'm looking to pair up with some hosts. I'm offering free codes for host's to provide their business-level clients as a free value-add. It works similar to how some host's provide free adwords/bing ads codes today.

Contact me : [email protected]

There is no obligation or any cost to you. I simply provide a series of codes for you to hand out to your business-level clients. The client gets a nice free value-add and you get free advertising on

More details...
We have a SaaS ad server at and I'm looking to pair up with host's so they can provider their business-level clients free codes as a nice free value-add. There is no cost to the host. I will also advertise the host on my site. is a very easy to learn and use ad server that can be used by any website to display or sell ad space. We're looking to expand our customer base and working with some great hosts from WHT will make a good match up for both of us.

Look forward to working with you.