Hi Everyone,

I'm part of a web-design and development team who have been tasked with getting the hosting for this website we're developing.

It's a game-portal that interacts directly with 3rd-party Databases. Projected number of users is 200+ simultaneously, but they're mostly doing low-bandwidth activities. We do also host a live webapp, though... and a portal for the employees of the company to keep track and chat with the customers.

All in all, the clients said they wanted a dedicated server, since they think their traffic would not go over well with a VPS or shared host. Major concern is reliability and security, since they handle lots of bank-tranfers during registration...etc (it's a pay-to-play game).

We're based in Asia, BTW.

So right now, I'm wondering which provider I should go for? We're not that budget-conscious, but we don't want to overspend for something we might not need.

Also, I've read that it might be better to go for an unmanaged dedicated server, then just subscribe to $30/mo PMS?

Any suggestions? So far, I've been shopping around for any dual-core server at least 2.5GHz, with 4Gigs of RAM. Bandwidth wise, I think we're safe with a 100mbps and 5-10TB metered. Is this overkill for a single site?