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    Question Any help regarding the server configuration

    I want some help from experts here, i have a wordpress site which generally viewed by 10000 visitors daily, but sometime it creates problem, when i publish a latest news and it gets hit, i want to say at that time more than 400 people see that news-and my website goes down, below my configuration details of my VPS at GoDaddy:

    CPU GenuineIntel, Intel(R) Xeon(R)CPU L5506 @ 2.13GHz
    RAM- 2GB
    OS CentOS 6.4 (Final)
    HARD DISK 40GB (I don't need a big space because my site is text based)

    Can anyone help me out for the downtime issue. Thanks

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    Approximate how much ram i need to handle this and rest of my config is ok??

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    Do you have 1 cpu core ? try to get more cores if yes. And what are the software configuration ? is it have cpanel, apache or nginx ?
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    You definitely need more RAM.

    Also, try investigating a page cache of some kind, eg

    Cheers, Chris

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    Quote Originally Posted by PraveenKashyap View Post
    I want some help from experts here, i have a wordpress site
    Good advice;

    - move from go daddy. Hosting anything with go daddy is not optimal...and I'm surprised your able to get this far without major issues

    - a good vps provider like WiredTree will be able to handle your needs


    - a dedicated WordPress host. If you only have one site, a dedicated WordPress host will give you the speed, security, and service your looking for...along with actual WordPress support

    - If you go with a new provider or with a WordPress host, look into a Nginx system. It serves pages quicker and uses less resources than centos/apcahe

    - also look into optimizing your database. That is key to making your site run quicker and more efficiently

    - delete plugins not needed, delete themes that are not needed, and keep everything updated. As simple as it sounds, many people ignore updates

    If you do decide to move, ask the new host about migrations.

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    This CPU doesn't perform well on the CPU benchmark on the link: As you can check: it Ranks 342 on 444 CPU comparisons.
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    8GB RAM, and a 4 core processor would be more than enough to handle the traffic you are getting.

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