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    Red face Writer for Hire...

    I've prepared content including eBooks, case studies. Iíve edited manuscripts over 330k words and have prepared everything from court motions to market research papers in my 20 storied years of writing. Oh, did I mention the press release I prepared for an ex-NBA All-Star?

    I'm Dave. A no-frills, high quality cut-to-the-chase content writer prepared to make whatever content dreams you've had over the years come true. If it's conceivable, consider it done.

    Content is an investment; that being said, donít be tricked into thinking higher prices are synonymous with content excellence Ė Iíll provide you on-time content solutions with fair pricing to make your investment gradually come to fruition.

    So, why me?

    • Rates wonít suddenly change Ė price you see is what youíll pay;
    • No administrative fees or future interest charges if times get tough for you;
    • 16 years total marketing experience, 12 years internet marketing experience;
    • Search engine optimization and traffic generation aficionado;
    • Winning business plan writer;
    • A LIVE voice anytime you need or want it;
    • Rates that shock many - especially for quality received.
    • All this for $1.35/100 words

    Sure, you could pay $4/100 words for similar quality. You could pay $5/100 for content. Why? Peer pressure?

    Youíll get an experienced, educated and not-so-greedy individual Ė when hiring me Ė thatíll provide all you can handle for roughly 1/3 of that. Because Iím not out for riches; I truly love what I do, and reap those rewards every time someone asks me for my written magic.

    Why Lower Rates?

    Iím not trying to become an internet millionaire. Iím just a 40 year old earning a living; therefore, I believe overcharging my clients is wrong. I couldnít justify charging people $20/hr. for work that takes me 30 minutes to complete Ė most of the time, with little effort. Why should I hike my rates because Iíve become popular?

    Why do millions of consumers buy Walmart brand foodstuffs and paper products? Theyíre highly effective yet lower pricedÖ

    Öjust like my content service.

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    Please PM me we may have a position for you.

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