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    Stagnom Review: Dedicated server (4 months)

    Web Hosting company:
    Period of review: 28/5/2013 - 18/9/2013
    Server location: England
    Type of server: Dedicated server (E3-1230)

    RAM: 16GB DDR3
    CPU: Intel® Core™ Quad-Core i7-2600 3.2Ghz
    HD: 2x 1TB
    2/4-port HW-RAID Controller (RAID-0/1/10)
    Bandwidth: 10TB / 1GBps Port

    cPanel Version 11.38.2 (build 7)
    Theme x3
    Apache version 2.2.25
    PHP version 5.4.19
    MySQL version 5.5.32-cll

    After a terrible 1 year at Hetzner with many slowdowns and bad customer support, I decided to move to Stagnom this May.

    When I went there, it was a period that they were starting to steadily grow larger and gain lots of customers. I've asked for the above package, and there were 2 people at the customer support, replying to either my emails or even at Skype where I had them. My server was moved within 48 hours with a small DNS issue which I complained (something was configured wrong and most people were seeing my previous domain, up to the 3rd day).

    From the first to the last day, my server performance was awesome. I haven't found a Dedicated server so fast up to date. In Hetzner I had almost the same server and it was slow as a turtle, but in Stagnom it was the contrary. I use Joomla and JomSocial and I had lighting speed. They've even offered a Hardware Raid which made things easier.

    The main reason I left, and I'm sorry or this, is the slow customer support. After sending an email to all of my registered users, I was reported by some of them, my IP entered in spam lists and I couldn't send emails to anyone! I was without email for 2 weeks until I decided to move. I believe in this case the Web Hosting company has to contact these spam lists and ensure that their client is not sending spam emails (like Hetzner does, which in my opinion it's the only thing they do well). Stagnom said "They will look at spam lists" but they never replied. Also I'm a bit worried about their daily email limit because I always had tons of emails in the queue and my site is a Community and sends email about many stuff like notifications for topics, news etc.

    The second reason that I left was that my server was -somehow- cached, which means that after uploading a news item in Joomla, using k2, when I had to edit the thumbnail of it, the image would change after 1 hour! In the previous web hosting companies, as well as in the one that we are today, this problem doesn't happen. We didn't change anything and I have no idea how our server was cached. I opened a ticket for this on 6/9, and until 10/9 I had opened 4 tickets (the last one in 10/9). Stagnom never replied. I have no idea if they ignored this ticket (#455557) or didn't even see it.

    So during those 4 months at Stagnom I enjoyed a server who had almost 99,9% uptime with no issues, and the speed that I always wanted. About prices, this cost 80 pounds/month. They would get a 8/10 but because they offered a Hardware RAID controller plus a Backup server of 100GB for free they get a 9/10 from me because those things would cost in other companies. To be more specific, if I didn't have those 2 issues mentioned above, I would be still in Stagnom.

    Since they have good machines, the support department definitely needs to improve by adding new employees there with deep knowledge of server performance, spamming issues, or any other things that would happen for those of you that read these lines. If you have a complex site and want to join Stagnom, then you definitely need an expert WebAdmin/SysAdmin. But in cases that you are going to need a fast support if ex. you have hardware failure then this might cost you. I believe that if this company upgrades their support department, which is mainly 2 people replying tickets and working 24 hours, they will definitely fulfill their customers' needs, because their machines have top performance, so much that they give the actual feeling that you paid for them.

    Review score
    Performance/Speed: 9.5
    Support: 5
    Uptime: 10
    Prices: 9
    Overall: 8.4

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