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    Help with network security question

    Ok guys, a little background for myself, i'm currently an American working overseas, in Africa to be exact, and not pretty part either. I do oil and gas work, and my network admin where i work had a crazy strict filter to where i couldn't even check my fantasy football or any gambling websites or video games, plus a ton of other stuff i won't list.

    So I got ultrasurf for my work computer and everything was great, i'm surfing away. I do my job extremely well, but being away from home for months at a time, can be depressing, and i rely on certain entertainment to get myself through the day.

    Well, now the IT guy has disabled media network from certain times of the day, 6 to 6, but certain important people still have access, so i know that the internet is still working, just not on some of our computers, at certain times.

    By what method in a router is this done...IP address block from certain times? mac address?

    Is there ANY way around this? I'm sure some people will think bad of me, but i can't make it another month before i go home without internet.

    Much appreciated

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    I'm sorry to hear of your frustration here. Without knowing specifics of the router you are going through (if it is even done at the router level) it is hard to say what method is being used to block these sites.

    On a general note, this will be blocked by IP address or even IP range. Those "more important" people as you mentioned, are either statically assigned an IP address, and/or on a different range entirely.

    A second method is by keyword filtering. If a site contains a specific keyword as outlined by your router, it will block that site.

    A few ways around this you might try:

    Proxies. Proxies can be your best friend, but it opens your traffic up to even more people than before... so don't check your bank accounts or email.

    Look at the IP address you have been assigned. Does it seem to be in the middle of a range? Ping an address towards the beginning or end, and try using that one.

    I've been in the same boat as you, and even simple things like flash games are sometimes needed to get through the day.

    Good luck.

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    +1 quite interesting.
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    If I understood his post correctly, he is already back home right now.
    Might come in handy for the next time, I suppose.

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