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    * IPV6 -- VPN Setup :: Require PPTP/Socks5


    I am looking for someone who is able to essentially do this.

    Socks5 VPN / PPTP Vpn :: Accepts Connection @ IPv4 IP []

    It forwards it to a IPv6 IP (One of 16 etc)..

    Essentially this::

    User: Password:IPv6

    So what is required is a tool that will setup this per-server.

    We have 1 ipv4 and several ipv6 ip's. Depending on the User we route them through one of the ipv6 ips.

    PM me for negotiation thinking around [100-200]$ for the scripts required to set this up. Payment Via PayPal Business Verified.

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    Hi, we can potentially do this. Contact us @ to discuss.
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