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    Dedicated Server Recomendation

    Hello, everyone.

    I'm quite new with this so I'm asking for a little help.

    I have a anime fansub group with a couple of friend and we're looking for a dedicated server. We pretend to have a XDCC server (for irc) and a Seedbox (torrents).
    The specs we are looking for are:

    2-4Gb RAM
    Dual-Core Processor
    1-2Tb (We can pay a little extra, around 15$/m, for 1 or 2Tb more)
    Traffic Bandwidth: 5-10TB/m
    Connection: 100 or 1000 Mbps

    As far as i know, you don't need too much memory for a XDCC/Seedbox. But the space is critical for us. We can't get one with less than 2TB.

    The budget is around 30-50$/m plus 10-15$ for the extra HDD.

    I was searching yesterday and found 3 that were around our needs and budget.

    - Leaseweb (100 mbps unmetered) (DC in NE, GE, US)
    - OVH (USA/CANADA, because the ones in EU are sold out)
    - Hetzner (which DC is in GE, i guess)

    I want to know if these allow XDCC and Seedbox. And also, if i will have copyright problems in any of these. Specially for the OVH in USA.

    Thank you so much for your time reading my post and sorry if a make any language mistake.
    I'll be waiting for your answer.

    PD: I will be renting the server before the end of this month.

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    In the US you may have trouble with DMCA (DMCA takedown notices). Where would be the best location for you? Europe? Canada? other?
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    Low budget, go with OVH or or try VPS :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gualter View Post
    Low budget, go with OVH or or try VPS :-)
    Don't you have to be an EU citizen to buy one of their low-end boxes? I recall reading something along those lines..
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    Do you need EU location?

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    I would strongly suggest that you look at a small hosting company for this requirement, and in fact any situation where the content being hosted could be misconstrued as copyright infringing. Find a company that is small enough to understand each customer as an individual, talk to them about potential issues that may arise, and above all make sure they are aware of the situation.

    Copyright holders tend to send DCMA notices (or similar) in the first instance of any content they suspect is infringing without much in depth investigation. It's only once they receive a response that they will spend any time working out whether you have actually done anything wrong.

    In addition, most large hosts will simply pull the plug on your server on receipt of a complaint and only investigate once you complain. Your service could be down for days on end whilst you convince their tech support that you are acting correctly.

    On the other hand, a smaller host is likely to work with you to resolve the problem especially if you make them aware in advance of the problems they may face. You will pay a little more of course, but what think about what cost you would incur for a lengthy host-inflicted downtime period not to mention the cost of your time sorting the problem out.

    Cheers, Chris

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    Thanks you all for your answers.
    Yes, i thought so about OVH in USA. It's most likely to have a problem with our stuff hosted there.

    The best option i manage now are the "auction servers" form Hetzner.
    Does anyone know if there is any problem with this ones? There are many option and the price is around our budget.

    In the other hand, VPS have too few data space so it's not an option.

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    Also, do Hetzner allow seedbox and XDCC in their servers?

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    Take a look at, they have Zlin location.

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    You're probably best suited with one of the bottom feeder offshore outfits that give you exactly what you are looking to pay for and nothing more or less.
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    You're best bet is checking out adult hosting providers. They're use to dealing with sites / problems that other hosts don't want to deal with. Check out some of the larger adult forums online and search for hosting. That should give you a nice list of the hosts which 'look the other way' and just want their monthly payment.

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    any idea on what software I can use for my clients to control there dedicated server?

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    i dont need a dedicated server i have all of that, i just need a client front end panel softwarer to integrate into windows server

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    Quote Originally Posted by storm-cloudsolutions View Post
    i dont need a dedicated server i have all of that, i just need a client front end panel softwarer to integrate into windows server
    Why are you trying to hijack the thread? You should start another thread in the software category.

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    wasnt trying, moreso didnt really read the title thoroughly my fault sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by laglink View Post
    - Leaseweb (100 mbps unmetered) (DC in NE, GE, US)
    - OVH (USA/CANADA, because the ones in EU are sold out)
    - Hetzner (which DC is in GE, i guess)
    All of the above will kick you out with the speed of light as soon as they see any signs of bad activity. Also OVH US/CA has some annoying network speed fluctuations lately.

    What you want is a DMCA ignoring host and that's not something for your budget.

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