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    how many shared a/c can this server host?

    pls ans in average host limit.

    Dual Intel Xeon 5639 2.13Ghz - 2
    Processors 12 Cores / 24 Threads
    24 GB ECC DDR3
    3 TB Enterprise Grade SATA II
    Monthly Bandwidth
    20 TB Transfer

    . i am thinking to buy this server with litespeed and cloudlinux. how much shared hosting a/c i can sell with this. i heard cloudlinux can limit per user resource usage. packages will be 10gb space with 100gb b/w. how many a/c can i sell?

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    The CPU and amount of RAM is perfect for hosting, but you also need a storage that can handle some amount of IOPS and redundancy. A single 3TB disk may give you enough capacity, but no redundancy and only ~80 IOPS.
    You should look into a system with RAID10 storage. RAID10 will provide you extra redundancy in case a disk fails and gives you a better speed.

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