VeeropTech Systems, LLC: We're pleased to announce the release of the VeeroTech Cloud!

With an increased demand for "high availability" web hosting solutions, we've decided to go against the grain on cloud hosting and base the VeeroTech Cloud on Vmware & NetApp technologies. The addition of this milestone strengthens our position in the industry when it comes to high performance & reliability for premium quality web hosting solutions.

We are currently in the process of getting our VM (typically referred to as "VPS") lineup worked out. We hope to have Vmware & NetApp based Virtual Machines released in the upcoming weeks.

How does the VeeroTech Cloud differ from other clouds?

The VeeroTech Cloud is based on Vmware & NetApp architectures. Both Vmware & NetApp are true, "enterprise" grade solutions that have a long proven track record in the industry. Our cloud is strategically run on Vmware server clusters which means, we can have multiple physical servers fail without affecting services. Our storage is based on high availability NetApp SAN's (Storage Area Network) that feature redundant controllers, HBA's, iSCSI/Fiber Channel connections as well as redundant power supplies/UPS (uninterruptable power supply - AKA enterprise battery backups).

The NetApp storage houses multiple disk shelves using a mix of SAS & SATA high speed drives. Each shelf has either 14 drives or 24 drives, depending on the shelf itself. The sheer number of spindles (disks) allows us to achieve read/write results to that of SSD drives. These are also based on NetApp's RAID DP configurations.

In addition to extremely fault tolerant on-site configurations, we also replicate our shared & reseller cloud off-site for increased continuity. Should our main cloud location go completely offline, we can bring our entire shared & reseller cloud hosting environment back online in another location.

The VeeroTech Cloud shared & reseller hosting all feature the same great features of our traditional hosting - SpamExperts filtering, Litespeed, CloudLinux & daily backups.

You can view more details via the links below:

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