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Thread: VoIP providers

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    VoIP providers

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a VoIP provider that has servers in or around Florida, USA. I'll need a SIP trunk to my Asterisk box in Miami, so who can provide this at an affordable price? I have tried, but they don't accept PayPal or credit card.


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    I use and they are reasonable and never had any issues with them in the 4-5 years I used them. Their SIP trunk is in New York I believe, but they offer numbers anyplace.

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    We use and they do accept PayPal. You may want to check that again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firentire View Post
    We use and they do accept PayPal. You may want to check that again.
    I use them too, just for an inbound US number so only creditted the account once.

    Not sure how I paid them but as I'm UK based I'm pretty sure it would have been either credit card or Paypal. Not sure what other options there are other than international bank transfer and I certainly didn't do that!


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    You can try to look at callwithus but not sure they have any facilities in Florida. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    We have worked with Zoiper for a couple of project, might be worth checking their services.

    Setup is pretty easy, you can try a free version and check if it suits your needs. Not sure if their servers are specifically around Florida, but the connectivity and numbers they provide work on a global scale. where Service always comes with a smiling face!
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