This is about an Indian Payment Gateway and the services they offer.

Payu India is an Indian Payment gateway from ibibo. Recently they released another service PayUPaisa which is more advanced and can be called as Paypal or 2Co alternative for Indians.

PayUpaisa supports Netbanking besides tradional cards. The interface is elegant and the overall concept sounds legit.

But the problem is that their terms are unclear and another issue is that the incomplete terminology. The staff are not much helpful.

It seems that they are not sure about their own service and policies.

They do claim that they won't support Web Hosting businesses. They told me that when I contact them(Payu) in 2011 and repeated the same when I contact again(PayUpaisa) this time. I thought the representatives are ignorant.

So sent an email to the CEO Nitin(A 20 days ago. ie.19 september-2013). He is rude(I am not adding the full conversation). His replies were some merely basic message with no details. His message is like just novice's or fresher who just join the company. I am quoting it here:

I doubt if any payment gateway in India will be able to help you here. We do categories like product delivery based e-commerce, hotels and travel, bill payments, education and coaching etc. We do not do Web hosting as of today.
What the heck? I sent an email to the CEO(Nitin)? Was the person replied me really the CEO?

If that is true... what the heck is this(Check out the image)- http://i.imgur.com/WgZjNxe.png ?

Also- http://i.imgur.com/kPhTyze.png

Not just the category of Webhosting, they don't have clear idea on what they offer. When we say that our website is a Startup which is just like a Zomato for Pizza centers, they reply, "we don't support". If we say I am a free lancer or a company who develop websites, they say "we don't support your business".

Want to know what they call in a trendy way? We don't support B2B. Then what is this- http://i.imgur.com/X7cpWDB.png?

Hope they would learn about their own policies and get trained about the service they offer.

Could any one bring this to PayUGroup's attention and alert them?(Payu.in and PayUpaisa are from PayU.com which offers the service in several countries)

It would help both the customers & Payu team if they have clear terms and policies.