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    External DNS for dedicated server recommended?

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on why it's recommended to use external DNS services.

    currently my domains at godaddy are pointed to my dedicated server, why would adding an external DNS be a good thing?

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    If you have the site replicated to a remote server (I see you have godaddy hosting as well), then its of use that you do not have a single point of failure. If for some reason your dedi server dies and you find no means to get it up earlier, you can switch the DNS at your remote server to the other hosting (Godaddy), so that the site remains live. [You need to set the DNS TTL set low though]

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    Your email will be waiting couple days if your server fail (assuming you're using your server for handling mail). In case you need to handle high traffic external dns would help so you can offload dns load to external server, etc...
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    My hosting is elsewhere not with godaddy.

    so it seems other than email and redundancy in case the server goes down for days there isn't really any advantage? what about look up speed would that improve? or increase since basically adding another middle route?

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