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    Perl Script (Syntax Error)

    Hi, I found a Dynamic IP updating script but for some reason when I run it I am getting "syntax error at Script line 10, near "=;" Script had compilation errors." I was wondering if someone can help me out. Thanks

    $htaccess = "/home/client/.htaccess";
    $template = "/home/client/htaccesstemplate";
    # get ip address
    @sp = split(/ /,$result);
    $size = @sp;
    $ip = $sp[$size-1];
    open(TEMPLATE, $template) || die("Could not open file!");
    open(NEW, ">$htaccess") || die("Could not create file!");
    foreach $line (@raw_data){
    	if($line =~ /\@\@\@DYNAMIC\@\@\@/){
    		print NEW "allow from $ip\n";
    		print NEW $line;
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    Looks like:
    Quote Originally Posted by LayerSolutions View Post
    should be:
    Bear in mind that the script will wipe out your current .htaccess and replace it with one generated from htaccesstemplate - you might want a backup of .htaccess first...

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