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    Have anyone used SSHDs in their servers already?

    Hybrid drives are storage devices that combine NAND flash solid state memory with hard disk drive (HDD) technology.

    I was just reading these benchmarks and it doesn't really seem that much promising. I'd rather stick with WD RE4's and Seagate Constellations for reliability's sake. I'm curious, have anyone deployed these drivers yet?

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    SSD's are now coming in sizes upto 1TB so more providers seem to be jumping onto that bang wagon.

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    From a 5400 RPM laptop drive, those numbers are pretty promising. I can imagine this would be great for web and database servers, where a common set of smaller files are read and/or written often. A 1 TB hybrid drive is $115, where a 1 TB SSD is $550+.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RSNET-John View Post
    A 1 TB hybrid drive is $115, where a 1 TB SSD is $550+.
    Correct comparing the two is like mustard and jam one's nice the other is plain crap and suited for a laptop, Just saying.

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    Majority of these are @5400rpm which nowadays seems a bit slow.
    You won't be doing heavy tasks on it.

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    Well isn't the whole point of these hybrid drives to help eliminate IO bottleneck by using flash cache to process frequently accessed files, pretty much the same as what VPS hosts do when they have a large Raid-10 array combined with a SSD cache pool (cachecade)? That's probably a bit hard to benchmark accurately for its intended purpose. I think its actually a pretty smart idea, but I think it could use some evolution and improvement.
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    Or just add more cheap hard drives and spend the cash for electricity
    Nowadays the technology is moving fast and the SSD purchased for $550 will be may be $150 in months.
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    My personal take on this: I would never get a hybrid. Either get HDD or SSD. I've tried a hybrid drive for my database, it was horrible and the biggest problem was that the read/write speeds were never consistent. Sometimes they are fast, sometimes it felt like a "turtle".

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    This type of this aren't meant for the hosting industry. The hybrids normally require software technology to know which are the most accessed files, in the case of a normal PC is easy to know that the OS and programs are priority. In the hosting industry, pretty much all the files hosted by clients will be important.

    If there was an option to set the SSD part for things like MySQL only it would be great, but it's not yet an option.

    So before using hybrids, reconsider it. You are best deploying HDD for files and small SSD for DB at this moment.
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