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    * Need advice: What files to backup when moving to a new server?


    I'm new to server admin and my business partner usually takes care of this stuff.

    I'm in the processing of switching my clients to a new dedicated server. I only have a couple of days to finish the migration. It's easy to move clients via WHM/Cpanel, but am wondering about the server files themselves. What should I make a backup of in case I need to refer to it later?

    httpd.conf for sure

    Anything else?

    (And yes, making a backup of all customer files just in case something goes wrong with migration).

    Appreciate any advice.

    Thank you,

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    If both servers have cPanel, you can use cpanel transfer tool to copy websites from old server to new server.
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    You can copy files via WHM and can you review copied account option to know it sucess or not, I dont think any other files u need to copy, Run all sites few days before shutdown old server.
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    Yes, the Cpanel transfer include all the required system files needed to run on the other server. You just have to take backup in the server and restore to the other.

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    Only thing besides what others have suggested is any customizations that have been made to the server. Make sure your easyapache and php configurations are similar, mysql, exim, firewall rules etc etc. When in doubt, back up everything and see how it goes on the new server. If you encounter any issues at least you'll have something to reference.

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