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    Hosting Provider can't move hard drivers from defect server to replacement

    I apologies first, since It may be a dump question or if it's not right place and I am not an dedicated server expert either, just having an issue and like to know the answer given to me is indeed industry standard.

    I have a dedicated server in a big hosting company whose name starting with S in Germany.

    My server stop working and we told that it's board failure and the server will be replaced. However they won't move the hard drives to new server, so it'll be a brand new (and empty) server.

    I had some data in the drives which is not backed up yet, unfortunately I neglected doing backups for a month or so. It sounds a bit odd to me that I can't get old hard drive from broken server into new one or fix the board of the old server or provide some means to backup the hard drives.

    The only option I was told that contact with a hd recovery company called Kroll which they have agreement with, I called them and quoted 999 euros for recovery, which is illogical to pay that money for intact and functional hard drives.

    How is the hosting companies in US handling similar situation? What do you suggest me to do? Is there a room for negotiation if I can keep pressing the customer support?

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    It's possible the new server is of a different make and model. Also, there can be anomalies when you present a different RAID controller to to a set of drives already in an array.

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