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    Divine Hosting (!!) - Micfo

    I have been using it for 2 years and I was never satisfied. I didnt put many websites there and I remember once they deleted all my websites and said "we are sorry we didnt see you account". It took 10 days for these divine people to recover some of my websites and some of my databases are stil lost.

    Now my subscription is over and I'm asking for the backup of my files and dbs (databases were not visible to me from my plesk end)

    After 10 days they deleted all my support ticketss and we are doing the same discussion everysingle day like 50 first dates.

    Vasily Millsop: Hello and welcome to micfo. How can I help you today?

    kubi: i'm still waiting for the backup of my account
    kubi: and it's been 10 days
    kubi: 1 working ftp and db files will do fine
    Vasily Millsop: Can you confirm me with the ticket ID ?
    kubi: you sure ?
    Vasily Millsop: Sure about ?
    kubi: you deleted aaall tickets from my account
    kubi: No Records Found
    kubi: there should be around 100
    Vasily Millsop: Why would we do that ?
    kubi: you asking me that
    kubi: ?
    Vasily Millsop: Yeah, why would we delete your tickets ?
    kubi: why are you asking me that ?
    kubi: check it you will see
    Vasily Millsop: You mentioned that we deleted them
    kubi: who did it ?
    Vasily Millsop: We did not.
    kubi: are you high or sthg ?
    Vasily Millsop: No, I am not. I am just trying to tell you that we won't & have not deleted any of your tickets.
    kubi: you are responsible to find who did it. I as a customer am saying that I didot
    Vasily Millsop: Now, from which email address did you send us an email about this issue ?
    kubi: [email protected]
    kubi: you should have already realized that
    kubi: as it asks to login this area
    Vasily Millsop: I found the ticket.
    kubi: bravo
    Vasily Millsop: I will have a check and followup
    kubi: big process. Congratulations

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    Hmm, you were with them for a whole 2 years and was never satisfied, why didn't you simply just move to another provider? Accidentally deleting an account is one thing but deleting support tickets to cease communication with a customer is definitely unacceptable.

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    A google search revealed quite a few hosting providers going by the name of Divine Hosting, can you please confirm which one it is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Host4Geeks-Kushal View Post
    A google search revealed quite a few hosting providers going by the name of Divine Hosting, can you please confirm which one it is?
    it's micfo I'm talking. Their motto was "Divine Hosting".

    As a reply to why I used it for 2 year, dealing with these idiots on live chat or email is much more expensive in terms of my hourly rate, compare to their service price. I was just hosting some of my customers which do not want to pay much for their hosting.

    I tried not to put there anything important.

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