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    Nezzo Solutions - Recruitment & Business Partner

    Nezzo Solutions

    Hello everyone, my name is Cory. I'm a 16 year old average guy, have two jobs, and have a main dream. A dream to one day own my own Data Center. I currently know HTML, CSS, C#, PHP, and Learning Java / Java Script. I'm a programmer, network administrator, graphic designer, and hardware specialist. Well, I guess if you have any questions about me, just ask! So what I am trying to start up is a GSP (Game Service Provider) and a Web Host Provider. I need help with a bunch of things: Management, Programming, Technical Support, and Maintenance. Sadly, currently I can't cover ALL the costs. This is going to be run right. I am going to have it be a registered company with the state. Eventually all employees will be being paid. But from the beginning I'm only looking for volunteers. I know what I want to purchase, the things I need and everything! I just need another member and some funding. I don't even need half of it to be paid, although I'd prefer it, it isn't necessary, however it would be nice to get a little bit of help in the beginning.

    About Nezzo:
    So, now. Nezzo is the name I have chosen for the company; yes I am willing to change the name. I believe that a successful company needs to be a company full of fun, originality, professionalism, and the most important thing: teamwork. Everything is about teamwork. We have to work together to reach a goal! Nezzo will be a highly modernized, world-wide, advanced provider. Eventually moving onto a datacenter. In the beginning, all employees will be volunteers; once we obtain a good client-base, employees will become paid workers.

    Now, I work for a law firm, so of course this entire project and company will be 100% legal. It will be a registered business, and we will be hiring an accounting firm to do payroll. I want everything to be legitimate, legal, custom, and user-friendly. Operations will be discussed further upon application.

    I would like to have a completely custom made website, as I donít really have time to create it myself. It also has to be able to be integrated with WHMCS.

    Goals / Products / Solutions Etc.. :
    As I said above, my main goal is to in the future own my own datacenter. Somethingís we will be offering are but not limited to:

    Webhosting (Linux & Windows)
    Domain Names
    VPS (Linux & Windows)
    DDos Protection
    Reverse Proxys
    Dedicated Servers (Linux & Windows)
    Custom Graphics
    Game Servers
    Co-Location Space
    Website Seal
    Mobile Compatibility
    Much more!

    How Can I Apply:
    Just shoot me an email titled Nezzo Applicant - Name - Position
    Tell me a little bit about yourself and I will reply with the application!



    [email protected]

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    I'm interested in cooperating with you and I have contacted you by email. I'm looking forward to your reply.

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