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    Cheap SMTP service for Gmail?

    I am using Gmail (free) to "send mail as" my domain. This works fine however my domain's SMTP IP address (shared server) is occasionally blocked by Yahoo.

    Anyone know a cheap but reliable STMP service I can use for Gmail? Ideally the price should be lower than what Gmail asks for (i.e., below $5/mo).

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    NVM, Googled stuff and found a solution.
    I am now using Mailjet and I am extremely impressed (most specially with the stats). They give free 200 emails/day which more than enough for my needs.

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    Try mandrill

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    +1 For Mandrill! They provide 12k emails free and manage mail sending / IP's very well.

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    I am also looking for a similar service? i need to send atleast 15k emails every week. can you advice some cheap smtp service

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    +1 for Mandrill.. I have used it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by culthost View Post
    I am also looking for a similar service? i need to send atleast 15k emails every week. can you advice some cheap smtp service
    Mandrill is free for 12k emails per month, then $0.20 per thousand above that up to a million mails a month.

    15k per week = about 65k per month, so you'd have to pay for 53k of those. Cost: just over $10 per month.

    That's a good price for that kind of mail volume, and Mandrill's service is excellent. The genius of the way their feature is set up is that the number of e-mails you can send per hour is calculated by a combination of: (i) how many you are actually sending (so that you can ramp up to a big number only if you need it), and (ii) how low your bounce-counts are. Sellers who are careful not to send spam will be able to use Mandrill to send large volumes, spammers will find themselves throttled and so Mandrill's reputation is unharmed.

    That makes them a good bulk mailer, combined with excellent customisation / reporting features.

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    SMTP service for Gmail

    Mandrill from MailChimp

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