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    Looking for VPS to host my files

    Hi , So i have a blog and i put software i program for other people to download and i get like 8,000 downloads a day , Each file size is 5MB top so its not that much , I have a PHP designed uploading scrip and sql database is required , What kind of vps requirement should i be looking for ? ATM im considering or bluehost but i thought i should ask more experienced people before i get any , Any other hosting suggestions are welcome, Thanks .

    P.S i will be the only one uploading files so it wont be like a free files hosting website.

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    Do you have a budget?

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    BlueHost is something you should stay far from. on the other hand is a very reliable provider. Do you have any rough idea on the amount of storage you need?
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    Seriously stay away from hosts likes Bluehost, they just somehow scams and after few days probably will suspend you.

    Host your main website somewhere else, and get a VPS or server for your files, depends on your budget.

    How much will you to pay?
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    Take a look to

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    Do you have a location preference?

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    No location preference , required storage 30-50GP tops , I don't have a price set i wanna look at every option then decide the best .

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    By my calculations you are going to need about 1.2TB of bandwidth each month to facilitate the application downloads, so I'd short list any provider that allows that kind of transfer on their VPS packages (most do have packages that will facilitate this need) and stay away from 'unlimited' bandwidth suppliers, as they might not be too happy with you actually using the bandwidth

    You should also consider where the majority of people are physically located that are downloading your app. For example, if 75% are from USA, you would be better with a USA VPS, if 75% are from UK, then a UK based VPS would be better, etc.
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