I'm seeking a remote salary or hourly based inside sales or billing position.

My past life consisted of being a server administrator for several well known web hosting companies over the past 10+ years - including direct NOC/Datacenter experience.

But due to some personal issues, I have been unemployed for a while, and a bit out of practice when it comes to server administration - and because of that, my nerves tend to get the best of me during interviews.

I have a HUGE passion for web hosting, and honestly, I can't see myself working in any other field. I was born a geek and I LOVE helping and sharing my knowledge to others.

I am highly motivated, and I give at least 180% to everything that I do. I work well in a team setting as well as on my own. I have no problems working alone, as I am a self-starter.

I have great references from my previous employers, I have no problems giving you their information.

Upon request, I will email you my resume.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration.


Tonya Mellon
tmellon at gmail dot com