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    Stats showing traffic from

    Hi there..

    All the time I notice there is a traffic coming from
    That is in all my sites stats reports.

    I'm almost certain that I'm not alone in this.

    Does anyone know what this company is really doing and why the strange way of data mining it makes (i.e: stats showing traffic coming from:

    I also found a suspicious report here about their website:

    any clue???
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    I just saw a similar thing in the logs for one of my sites and started searching it , and found this topic..

    I also found this which makes them sound like they're not the type of commpany I'd like to have probing my sites

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    We've been noticing this for several months now on our personal sites and all of our client sites.

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    They seem like a primitive.. "we sell protection".. a white-hat / privacy-reporting (START-UP) kind of service.. try to gather public attention "and" customers through spidering.

    I tried to know who are they, those who - by their words - (rountinely scan hundreds of millions of websites to collect and maintain one of the world's largest databases of privacy-compromising factors and inter-site relationships. )..
    but they have NOTHING written about their company.

    Whois says:
    - they have 'postal' address in Panama (Panama= fake or offshore)
    - their domain is registered few months ago : 2013-07-14 .. and lasts for only one year.

    using their site - which might be a reason why we see traffic coming from them if someone interested in our domains/websites? maybe - I used and found the "prob" they make is almost useless..

    Seems a cheap kind of getting into privacy/security market, attracting less-knowledgeable webmasters who will be convinced with their claims of the ability to "conceal your internet identity"

    I think they need some privacy/security regulatory entity to see what they do with customers who might be victims now.


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