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    158 - are .co's growing ?

    Hi guys,

    I got a few .co domains a few months ago.

    One of them is .

    I've had some financial issues and since I'm a bit low on money I was wondering if I can make some money from my previous "investments". So from your experience, how much would you say this domain is worth ?

    Another one I might consider to sell is

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    I don't think either of the names are valuable, .co is an extension that was marketed very well by the registrar, and there were a lot of early adopters in the startup community. For brand names, .co may work, but for generic descriptive terms, unless they are dictionary words, or exceptional keyword phrases, the .co extension does not command much premium in the aftermarket, and you will have a hard time finding a buyer. is not bad, if you develop a lander for it, you may be able to move it, otherwise, Im afraid you will have to work very hard to find a buyer, and it will not be worth your while.

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    Here is an article that domainers and .co antagonists like to cite in arguments about .co's relevance:

    I personally think .co is one of the worst extensions to own, because of the potential confusion with .com. If I were ever to develop and market a .co, I know for a fact it would be confused with .com and drive traffic to a domain space I did not own. Have to own the .com.

    That being said, for alternatives to .com, I like .net, .us (ccTLD of your country) and the new .web extension.

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    There will always be some very rare case when a .co have been sold high but in my opinion it's more speculation and domainers circle when these .co are sold.

    Again .com is king and with 1000 of new tlds coming soon .menu .build .luxury..... it's going to rise the .com value at a higher price since there will be too many names .tld and like existing .pro .travel... it never have been adopted by end users or businesses.

    .com .com .com!
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