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    PHP 5.2 installed on Plesk [windows] but does not show up.

    Hello everyone
    I just finished installing Plesk control panel on a clean installation of windows server 2008 r2 SP1.
    everything is fine except that even though i have installed php 5.2 (chose to install php 5 along with php 5.3 and 5.4) but php 5.2 does not show up in the panel and plesk ignores it.
    I can confirm that the folder corresponding to php 5.2 is in the right place along with the other php versions and i can see that the php.ini file exists in there. but i had no luck getting it to work.
    I also cannot see LSAPI handler option in plesk's "website scripts and security" section.

    i'd be very thankful if you help me out
    Thanks in advance

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    Did u install it from the plesk installer or manually ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by activelobby4u View Post
    Did u install it from the plesk installer or manually ?
    From Plesk installer. ai.exe

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