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    can someone recommend a good domain registrar/manager

    I currently have a couple of hosting accounts with various providers, and I am planning to consolidate them all into one account - possibly a dedicated server or virtual server.

    A problem I have now come across is that my providers dont offer free accounts with no hosting - so even once I move all of the data for my sites, I still need to keep basic packages on my current hosts for housing the domain names themselves.

    Because of that, I am thinking about gradually moving all of my domains to a separate registrar/dns manager.

    I think now I realise there is a lot of sense in doing this as it spreads responsibility a little further.

    I would like to know if anyone recommends a good provider, or any other tips in domain management best practices.

    One thing I would prefer is that I am able to change DNS records and or nameservers as soon as I add the domain (ie before I have changed the IPS tag at the current providers end) - this is important to me because what I normally do to minimize downtime on domain transfers is to point the DNS at the current registrar to the new host (as long as files are ready at the new host, no downtime), then add the domain to the new registar, set up the nameservers to match, THEN transfer registrar - this way as it crosses over, there is no point where nameservers/records are not set.

    From what I understand, Godaddy (as an example) doesnt allow any editing of DNS entries until the transfer is complete, so they are no good.

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    Nobody will not allow to edit DNS before transfer domain was completed.You need to edit dns before start domain transfer or you must wait for transfer complete.

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    People seem to love enom, netearthone and namecheap "enom reseller".

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    The fact that you're talking about tags makes me think that you are probably talking about .uk domains (as that's the only TLD - as far I know - where the concept is used)

    If that's the case had you ever considered becoming a Nominet registrar yourself? This would give you complete control.

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    can someone recommend a good domain registrar/manager

    That's a good point. I could use nominet for my uk domains and godaddy for all others I guess.

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    I've used godaddy since the start of time... and 1and1 as well. Moving all domains to godaddy while I sort out a reseller account... the recent $14 increase on both is a bit much. Although, you can bring that down with godaddy easily with coupons. Just a pain to get them...
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    I would suggest NameCheap if you're looking for a domain registrar that's easy to use and have all the functions you need to manage your domains. They provide a fairly solid hosting service too.

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    I used to use godaddy for domains, but I got fed up of the constant attempt to sell me a million addon services each time I wanted to buy or renew a domain..

    I used to use 1&1 for .uk domains, but TBH their system for cancelling a domain or service was a nightmare, very badly documented and hard to use...

    now I just use Namecheap and they are fast and easy to use, and the couple of times I needed support that was on the ball too

    For actual DNS hosting I prefer DNSmadeeasy, its far superior to messing about running your own nameservers or pointing domains at a hosting services nameservers

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    I have always used a registrar for just Domains and nothing else, always a good thing to do really!

    If you ask me it would be namecheap, have tons there and it is solid and secure!

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    Talking Perhaps the new conglomeration would be best?

    Because of the recent acquisition, I believe that GoDaddy's newly created 'tag team', if you will, should eventually drive down the costs of domain registration options. Since Afternic will still keep their 'bread and butter' services like domain name appraisal services and such, I believe the only thing that changes is how much we'll end up spending for ccTLD's, category extensions and renewals.

    Therefore, your short answer is EITHER Afternic or GoDaddy since they're one in the same.

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    Have a look to, they're pretty good with prices and free additional services like private-whois and DNS.
    We used several registrars for multiple tlds and switching for better pricing.
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    I usually use for that services

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    There are many good and quality domain registrars, but all depends on your budget IMHO.

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    People seem to like GoDaddy and NameCheap

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    Namecheap, internetbs, gandi.

    Cloudflare for DNS in one place+DDoS protection.


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