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    XenServer vs Xen


    I am wanting to know what is the difference between Xen and XenServer ?
    Is XenServer better ?
    Also how is it compared to KVM ?

    I use KVM with Virtualizor at the moment. KVM works well for us with Virtuaizor.
    But someone told us that XenServer is better.

    Any experience ?
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    Better is a relative term
    are you talking XEN ? or Citrix XENserver
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    Citrix XenServer has more options, like migrate the whole container from one node to another, the containers can be restricted and more controlled via CLI, not just basic GUI web control panel.
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    If you are referring to the XenServer OS then yes, it is more stable and bettern than Xen.

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    XenServer is a stand-alone "system" you can install directly on the server. It also has its own package format called XVA, and support more operating systems because it uses qemu when the guests doesnt support Xen.

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