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    Talking review (3 months): Best-host-ever highly recommended!

    Today, I would like to share my review with you. I'm beyond happy to report that SolidHost is in fact solid as a rock! I have been with numerous hosts before and there is simply no comparison. Truth be told; I'm not the easiest client. I micromanage everything because I'm 100% dependent on my website's uptime and performance for my income. I have extremely high expectations and that has gotten me in trouble with other hosts a lot of times in the pastů Even to the point where I started believing that the kind of hosting I was looking for simply doesn't exist (in Europe, on a NL server that is). I have a hosted VPS on which I run a few WordPress websites, one of which receives quite a bit of traffic (20,000 visitors) on a daily basis.

    1. Sales (Grade: 10/10)
    I had an e-mail conversation with Andre and he answered all the many questions I had in a timely and professional manner. He went above and beyond to actually explain things, which is something I really appreciated. One of my first questions is always: "Are you a WordPress/Varnish expert"? Most hosts answer that with 'yes of course!' while they really don't have a clue. I'm happy to report Andre and SolidHost are in fact WordPress experts and know how to use Varnish to really speed up your website (which is not easy!). The only thing that took some getting used to was SolidHost's pricing; double of what I paid before. I hesitated for a bit about this, but Andre also explained why they charge a bit more in comparison so that made me decide to go with them.

    2. Migration (Grade: 10/10)
    Migration was handled a day later than expected, which got me worried, but the wait was definitely worth it. Because of this, Andre could handle everything himself. Unfortunately, he ran into a lot of problems because it turned out a lot of things were misconfigured on my old VPS. Rather than charging me extra for this, he fixed all of this for free. I'm not talking about an hour of extra work here, I'm talking about at least a full day. I didn't have to do anything; except from answer Andre's questions every now and then and I ended up with a perfectly working VPS. I also like how SolidHost offers a complimentary external backup system that works automatically.

    3. Uptime (Grade: 9/10)
    Uptime has been close to 100%, the only times I've ever experienced any downtime is when support was working on an issue I opened a ticket about (see #4) with the absolute worst being the past weekend where mySQL went down for 20 minutes as result of some problems I reported just before.

    4. Support (Grade: 9/10)
    SolidHost promises around the clock support with a general response time of less than 15 minutes. I can confirm this since I've submitted quite a few support tickets with questions on all days of the week at any time and they are always answered within 15 minutes (usually even within 5 to 10 minutes). You usually get a reply saying 'we're investigating the issue' first. Only unlike with my old host though, that means they are actually working on the issue right that moment and they usually get back to me with a full reply within 10 minutes from the first reply. The only critical thing I can say about the SolidHost support is that there seems to be quite a difference between the skills of individual support team members. On some occasions, I have to ask the same question a couple of times before I get the results I'm looking for. That being said, if you request your ticket to be passed onto a senior admin, that request is always met straight away.

    5. VPS performance (Grade: 10/10)
    The final thing I want to highlight in this review is the performance (speed) of my VPS, which I'm very happy about. On my previous VPS, I was already using Varnish with Nginx, but I wasn't quite happy with the results just yet. Support over there couldn't get things to work any faster, so when I moved to SolidHost, I asked them to see if they could optimize things any further. I'm happy to report that resulted in my pages loading about 50% faster (while they were already reasonably fast). So if you're working with WordPress/Varnish, do realize specific settings can make a huge difference and that it's definitely worth getting an expert involved.

    Overall (Grade: 10/10)
    I'm very happy to have found SolidHost and would definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking for quality hosting!

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    Thanks for the in depth review Sabrina. It's good to see that you had a great experience with your webhost.

    If my sites ever get busy enough I'll consider SH.

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